Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a commitment agreed between the seller and the buyer. In the case of a courier and logistics service business, the SLA is an agreement between service’s user and service provider. A solid SLA can help to set standards if things go wrong in the continuity of business process. In addition, by increasing SLA in the courier / logistics business, you can also connecting the gap between your client’s expectations and your own desires. This is important to be priority because in any business customer satisfaction is number one. In the field, it turns out that only a few business providers focus on the SLA to improve the credibility of their business. In fact, an increase in the SLA is necessary to achieve better business prospects.

Therefore, it is necessary to improve SLA in the courier / logistics business in every aspect business that you do. Here are some of the efforts you can take to improve SLA in your business :

1. Set reasonable purpose when increasing SLA in the courier / logistics business
Just like when you’re planning on a new business, goals are the most fundamental thing that underlies a deal between the seller and the buyer. In order to improve your SLA in the courier / logistics business, you must set a reasonable term. Do not be too complex. Do not give promises that you may not be able to keep on the client because it is more difficult to maintain a new promise than to realize a promise that is already fulfilled with your business SOP. Although promising such a thing (faster service’s time for example) can attract the interest of the client, but if you cannot make it happen, you can actually unexpected losing your client.
2. Improve SLA in courier / logistics business with honest attitude
Setting goals that your business can achieve should start with being honest with clients and on your own. Do not attach to things that are beyond your company’s true capabilities. You should be honest and transparent when doing marketing. A reliable SLA contract will protects the interests of all parties involved.
3. Perform clarifying on certain points in SLA is worth to do
To avoid any ambiguity, precision and clarity need to be performed when doing SLA with your clients. This will help in determining what to expect from your relationship with clients, your type of service, and certain aspects of your service (such as time and response). Make a guarantee on the response, do not waste time. Deadline should be determined fairly and do not try to engage clients with deadlines you cannot fulfilled. In making the SLA, you must always be realistic.

By following and practicing three tips to improve the SLAs in the courier / logistics business listed above, you will succeed in achieving long-term success with your clients.